Tony McGowan Half marathon 2019-02-17

Tony McGowan Half marathon 2019-02-17

Decided that i needed a couple of tune up races in preparation for the Manchester marathon in April,so this one was on the radar. It’s 1hr45min drive from Loughrea but a very scenic one at that.

First time Drumshambo AC had run a half marathon in conjunction with the 2.5/5 and 10km.

I headed off and did a 2km warm up out the road and then it was time for the off, bang on 1pm.

Advertised as a flat course ideal for a PB at the distances mentioned but to me it was undulating for the first 4-5kms and then certainly did flatten out.

Started off again a little too quick with an unsustainable 4:23min/km  as the target was 5mins/km, so after 2.5kms i dropped back into more familiar territory.

The course wrangles its way around the environs of Drumshambo and half way through meets the blueway on gravel track for circa 3km then on to the famous boardwalk back into the town itself.

This would be the 10km loop of which we had another lap to do.Pace was aimed at 5min/km and all was going fine until that time figure started to rise and then began the futile attempt to claw back time. Double negative and the final 2-3kms were tough as a consequence. I must listen to heart!!!

Great support for what is a very local event and they really appreciated the travel from Loughrea to support their worthy cause.13th in my category (M45-49) and 99th overall out of 280 at 1:47:17. Great day out and another one done on the road to Manchester 2019

Full Race Report: Tony McGowan Half marathon 2019

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