Training Times:
St. Brigids 6-7pm Under up to U12
St. Brigids 7-8pm Under 13 – 14
St. Brigids 8-9:30pm Under 15 – Masters
St.Brigids 7 – 8pm Under up to 10
Bushfield 7 – 8pm Under 10 – 14
St. Brigids 8 – 9:30 pm Under 15 – Masters
up to U10’s 11am Bushfield
(Will move indoors during winter)
Timetable Changes
u13 boys hurdles training in AIT outdoor track at 5.30 till 7 Thursday May 9th 2019
Wednesday 1st May from 6 30 till 8 for athletes in outdoor track in AIT
Juvenile Training moved to Temperance Hall 14/4/2019
U13 Boys 4 X 200M relay training in AIT 2/4/2019 @ 6pm
11th march for All Ireland Indoor Long jump training at 5pm
Tuesday 19th March with u13 boys relay for All Ireland Indoor 4×200 at 5pm for training for preparation for them in All Ireland
Training Session being held in Athlone AIT on Tuesday 13th November @ 7pm
Juvenile Fun Day – 27th June 6-9pm
All Changes to venues and Times will be available here:
Relay Training from 7:00 to 8:00pm 30/5/2018
Relay Training from 7:30 to 8:30pm 2/5/2018

14/1/18 – Sunday training will take place in the temperance hall at 11am sharp.

Sports Camp – 27th to the  29th of March 2018 at St Bridget’s College 10am – 2pm.