Bushfield Grounds

 Bushfield Grounds

 In 1985 the club decided to broaden its horizons and source a small piece of ground for training.

T.J. Beatty and the late Joe Grace were the club scounts for the venture and their efforts exceded expectatioons when 27 acres were bought from the late John Hickey. The grounds are located two miles north of the town on the Bullaun Road.

This was a new and daunting challenge for the club. A major fund-raising drive was initiated and the property became a valuable club asset with the help of many volunteers and the general public. Support also came from Galway County Council, National Lottery and FAS.

There have been on-going developments throughout the years and presently an access road, parking, soccer pitch, stand, 8-lane grass track, walks and 1 mile perimeter cross-country course are in place.

Groups and activities accomodated at Bushfield include: Athletics, Soccer, Camogie, Manning School Sports, Community Games, Model Aircraft Flying, St. Brendans Training Centre, Summer Camps, Fit 4 Life and Scouts

Time, Committment and more favourable economic factors will hopefully bring further improvements.

In the meantime, lets enjoy our club grounds — Bushfield

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